• Content Management System allows you to Organize, manage both Structured & Unstructured content
  • It allows to store, process, retrieve & archive content and helps in managing Organization content effectively
  • Let your employees have the benefit of the power of technology with our document management system in a modern workplace
  • It has many features like Access Control, Documents Access History and it is also capable of maintaining the record of its various versions created and updated by different users


Document library

Our content management system provides a document library where all your organization’s files can be stored, organized and accessed easily, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Document version control

Our system provides effective version control, allowing different versions of a document to be tracked and managed, ensuring that everyone in your organization is working with the latest version of a document.

Document log reports

Our content management system provides detailed logs of all document activity, giving you an audit trail to track document history and monitor user activity. 

This helps to enhance the security and accountability of your organization.

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