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Screen Factor

Our cloud-based tool provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that enhances the user experience and simplifies the application building process. With our platform, designing and customizing applications has never been easier and faster.


BOT Commerce is a turn-key, “out of the box” shopping cart framework with buy, sell and subscribe capabilities. It offers both traditional and plug-in-play models of onboarding stores and allows stakeholders, including vendors, customers and tenants, to interact with ease.


With our chatbot, enterprises can create advanced dialogue systems that utilize information, personal preferences and contextual understanding. Our features include entity recognition, data retrieval, data entry, personal digital assistant and app building.

Computer Vision

Our advanced computer vision technology provides businesses with a variety of innovative features that deliver reliable, accurate and efficient solutions for various use cases.

Content Management

Our system automates the document management process, allowing your organization to manage and organize your papers and process and archive them more efficiently and effectively.

Managed Inv of SA

The Unified Repository of Frameworks, Processes and Applications! Imagine selecting, modifying and creating software components with ease while boosting the reuse of your present resources.

Data Sense

Our solution is used to decrease manual chores such as realizing data value in Data Identification, Data Cleaning and Rebuilding, Data Modelling, Model Output Validation and Final Recommendation in Scientific models adjusted for the best and most accurate projections.

Core Business Management

A product designed for medium-sized and big wholesale merchants that will computerize the sales and distribution activities as well as the organizational structure and finances

Data Pipeline

With our powerful tool, you can effortlessly configure, run and share data blocks and flows using a user-friendly web or CLI interface. Our tool offers a variety of features and functions to make your experience seamless and efficient.


Our product is packed with features that are guaranteed to streamline your customer service workflows, improve collaboration and enhance the overall customer experience.

Process Management

In the current fast-paced business environment, it is crucial for organizations to continually search for opportunities to optimize their procedures and enhance productivity.

Communication Hub

This platform serves as a central location for various types of communication such as emails, instant messages, social media interactions, voice and video calls. Users can conveniently manage their interactions in one place for optimal efficiency.

Big Data Processing

By utilizing big data processing tools and techniques, organizations can gather valuable insights from their data. This enables informed decision-making, improved operations and innovative solutions for the future.

Request management

Request management System provides all departments, including HR, Finance, Marketing/Sales, IT, Compliance, etc. with a self-service portal that allows them to accept and manage a variety of service requests from both internal and external customers

Healthcare Management

The Health Care Management System is a comprehensive solution that can be adapted for use in any hospital or healthcare facility. It is user-friendly, efficient, dependable and transparent, which improves the experience of ESMs and polyclinic management.

HR Management

Our software lets you easily access all employee information, such as personal details, payslips, employment history and performance evaluations.

Core Business Management

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