Digital Transformation

Arkatiss LLP is a digital transformation solutions company helping organizations in Business Process Re-Engineering, Data engineering, and Information Sharing solutions to accelerate automation as a long-term goal for better ROI.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive portfolio of products supporting automation and work closely with teams at all levels to adopt and migrate to our platforms with ease.

As a valued partner, Arkatiss would be able to help organizations in transforming the overall business to analyze, assess and drive the digital transformation vision towards realizing both economic gains and client satisfaction.

Business Process Re-Engineering
Arkatiss Business Process Re-engineering team helps in reforming or re-implementing existing applications to support Low Code/No Code model in order to achieve a significant increase in productivity, cost savings, quality, and customer satisfaction.
Supports Process Flow capture and automated workflows, Drag & Drop model of UI development, and Configurable API Frameworks supporting DB connectivity.
Our products are 
  • Screen Factor
  • Content management
  • Computer vision
  • Process management
  • E-commerce
  • HR management 
Data is a valuable asset of every company and harnessing and getting valuable information to support decision making is critical in surviving business competition.

Our Data Pipeline and Data Monetization suites help in gaining unified access to data spread across various data sources, Distributed data Processing, Data fusion, and Analysis with Data science models to generate useful information for decision making.

Our products are 
  • Data pipeline
  • Data sense
  • Big data processing tool

It is very important to visulaize the processed information and integrate it over common interaction messaging channels like Whatsapp and email for quick information exchange.

Chatbots and light-weight UI apps to drive context-based menus and related information exchange with a capability to route to on-demand Support desk.

Our products are

  • Chatbot
  • Communication hub
  • Help Desk

Industry Expertise

Whole sale and retail solutions

Our Data Monetization and Data Pipeline techniques implemented have helped one of the leading retailers in gaining a competitive advantage, increasing operational effectiveness, and higher customer satisfaction. 

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